If leader authorisation is required for an activity and it has not been obtained, the activity must be called off.

Leaders organising activities must consider the need for specific activity parental consent, taking advice where necessary.  Requirements for running activities are listed at CLICK HERE


The Scout Association does not accept DBS clearances from other organisations.

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We welcome speakers and visitors with special skills, however it is important to understand that anyone who has not been granted Scout Association clearance must be chaperoned.


Photos may only be used after first checking Membership forms for parental permission.  See Scout Association guidelines for when it is appropriate to use photos.


Discretion should be observed at all times in relation to discussing individual children, their behaviour, difficulties, family circumstances and all matters normally considered private or sensitive.  Pertinent matters of this type may be discussed at Leaders meetings, but any report to the committee should be in general terms (no names).


(parents please note:  unfortunately, completion of a membership form does not guarantee membership.)