Line Management

Your GSL is responsible for the whole Group, so please keep them properly informed of what your Section is planning to do.    This is particularly important for meetings away from the village hall, hikes, camps and shooting activities.

All overnight activities require prior consent from the District Commissioner, apply using a NAN form

Yellow Card

The yellow card is the code of practice for all adults, click on Yellow Card.  It says: Do plan activities that involve more than one other person being present, or at least within sight and hearing of others.”  This refers to other adults.  The key to implementing this rule is to “be prepared”.

Leader in charge

All meetings/activities must have a leader in charge.  This is usually the Section Leader or Assistant Leader in their absence, but at joint activities the leader in charge needs to be agreed beforehand.  That leader is then responsible for ensuring that the event is run properly and everyone else must support him/her in this.

In Touch

The leaders in the group previously agreed that we would use the following plans if nothing new has been agreed for a specific activity or camp.

In Touch Plan – Normal Meetings

In Touch Plan – Camps (adapt for your camp)

Factsheet – In Touch Plans

In Touch questions

District Camp NAN equivalent


If  authorisation is required for a leader to run an activity and it has not been obtained, the activity must be called off.  Leaders organising activities must consider the need for specific activity parental consent, taking advice where necessary.

Outings and camps

All overnight activities must take place within the rules of the Nights Away scheme.  If this is not possible, then the overnight activity must be called off.


Three things must be in place prior to driving a minibus for Scout activities.

  1. An appropriate drivers licence.
  2. A Standard Bus Permit click here
  3. A license to prove you have passed a Suffolk County Council test in order to hire/borrow one of their minibuses e.g. a school’s minibus.

Useful links

Activity Rules 

Activities Information Form (for parents)

COSHH Eslan Blue

Medicines Record (for camps)

How to carry out a risk assessment

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