The Young Leaders scheme can be found on the HQ website here.

Young Leaders must follow the Orange Card and behave in a grown-up manner, see the Orange Card

Being a Young Leader is good for your CV more information can be found by clicking:  Get Ahead- Scouting and employability

When you join as a Young Leader, you need to fill in two forms:

  1. Click Membership form for a form to give to the Beaver, Cub or Scout Leader that you are helping.
  2. Click Membership form (young leaders) for a form to register with the Young Leader Explorer Unit for training and support.

What do Young Leaders do?

You will be expected to run activities, but there will always be a Leader within sight and sound of you – you should never be left to run games on your own.  You will be expected to take part in the planning and organising as appropriate for your age and ability.  When your Section holds a planning meeting, you will be expected to attend and take part in the planning.


The maximum number of Young Leaders allowed in any section is 3.

Young Leader Explorer Unit

As a Young Leader you are automatically in the Young Leader Explorer Unit.   You should wear the Explorer Scout uniform and our Group scarf – unless you are doing Duke of Edinburgh Service with another proper organisation, or you are a Guide doing Service as part of your badge-work.   For where to sew your badges on, click on this link Explorer Uniform

Being in the Young Leader Explorer Unit means that you are entitled to join in with Explorer activities which are being run by other Units, if you want to.  For example, you might like to go on Explorer camps – it can be good to take a break from being a Leader and do some Scouting with people your own age now and again!


Young Leaders must be at least 13½ to start helping and they come under the rules for adults on their 18th birthday, so it is a good idea to fill in an adult’s form early, to avoid a gap in Service whilst your application is being processed. Scout Association clearance needs to be confirmed to the Group Scout Leader by the Scout Association before adults can start helping (POR Rule 2.4 k).


Speak to the GSL about whether you want to continue as a helper or leader.  


Young Leaders must provide their own uniforms.  Other than that, the Group pays all fees payable in relation to Young Leaders in the same way as it does for adults; there should be no fees for just being a Leader. 

You may be asked to pay in order to help at specific activities e.g. camps or outings.  In this case, you would be expected to contribute the same rate as the other Leaders from 1st Deben Valley.  However, if you think you are being asked for an unfair contribution, then do raise this with your Leader or GSL as there may be a mistake.  (Not all Groups have the same policy about this, so there could be some confusion if more than one Group is involved with an event.)

If you do other Explorer activities, you may get asked for money for those, in the normal way.