If you are a new Leader or helper with 1st Deben Valley Scout Group, we would like to wish you a very warm welcome.  We are a good team of cheerful volunteers and we hope your time with us will be enjoyable.

You will find further pages under the toolbar heading Leaders about how our Group works.

The most important thing for all Leaders and helpers to remember is that everything which our Group runs or attends must be done in accordance with the Scout Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR).

  • POR and Factsheets giving guidance on interpretation are freely available via the website www.scouts.org.uk
  • Our key policies can be found by clicking here
  • The Scout Information Centre provides a single point of contact for anyone seeking information or resources relating to any aspect of Scouting.  Phone 0845 300 1818 or 020 8433 7100 or email info.centre@scout.org.uk
  • For local advice ask the relevant ADCs or ACCs who you can expect to be reasonably familiar with POR, Factsheets and verbal Scout Association advice regarding their roles.

Click here for where to sew your badges