There is a form for claiming expenses and paying money in to the Group funds.   The formula for working out your Section’s termly budget is written on that form.  Group policy for use of funds is written on that form.

Expenses Form


Leaders may purchase as many badges as they need in addition to their termly budget.


Any purchases of equipment above and beyond the normal termly budget require prior agreement with the Group Executive committee.

Adult Uniforms

The Group will pay for scout association logo adults’ uniforms and replace them after five years if necessary, as follows:

  1. Beige shirt, with badges sewn on
  2. Belt and emblem buckle (optional)
  3. Navy trousers (optional)
  4. GREY fleece top (optional)

Collecting money in

Cheques should be made payable to “1st Deben Valley Scout Group”.

Problems with late payers and/or cases of financial hardship should be referred to The Group Scout Leader.

Everyone must give any money which they have received on behalf of the Group to The Group Treasurer.  You must never put it through your own bank account.

Claiming Expenses

Questions about whether a specific expense may or may not be appropriate should be directed to the Group Scout Leader.

The Group Scout Leader may decide that the Group should provide assistance with petrol and other reasonable costs relating to regular attendance which would otherwise make it difficult for an adult to continue membership:  In the event of a disagreement, the Leader has the right of appeal to the Executive Committee.

Charging helpers

Group policy is to charge Leaders and Helpers for catering (they would presumably have eaten anyway) but that is all.  Therefore, costs relating to providing supervision need to be taken into account when planning outings and camps.