(Look on you sections page for where to sew your badges on.)

What to bring

Always come prepared for the weather, as we sometimes go outside.  In winter, you may need a warm and/or waterproof coat, wellies or walking boots, long trousers (maybe even waterproof trousers) and a torch with good batteries in.  In summer, you may need to consider insects and stinging nettles.

At camps, you will need a sleeping bag (or duvet/blankets) to sleep in; a bag containing soap and flannel etc; a drawstring bag containing unbreakable crockery, cutlery and a tea-towel; and some spare clothes.  We supply tents and cooking utensils.  For obvious reasons, it is best not to bring your camping gear in a black plastic bin bag and you should ideally label everything clearly: Cheap paper “jam” labels with a name in pencil proves surprisingly resilient, and eating utensils can be marked with nail varnish.

What to wear

The Scout Association is a uniformed movement. and we expect all members to wear their uniforms whenever they attend scouting activities.   The only exceptions to this are new people who haven’t bought theirs yet, and people who are doing short-term Service as a member of a Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme run by a recognised Operating Authority that doesn’t have a uniform.   If this is you, please show respect by avoiding turning up dressed in a “highly personalized” way; plain jeans, sweatshirt and trainers are probably the most practical way to dress if you don’t have a uniform.

We expect everyone to wear their uniform correctly (i.e. neat and practical) at the ceremonies marking the start and finish of each meeting.  But it is OK to take it off or cover it up so it doesn’t get spoilt during activities; doing this shows respect for your uniform.

New to scouting

If you are new to Scouting, there is no need to buy uniform before attending for the first time.  However, people who were previously in a younger section can wear that uniform to start with when moving up.  You should get your uniform by the time you are Invested, which is a ceremony when you make your Promise on around your  4th attendance.  Your Leader should talk to you about being invested beforehand.

The Group has our own neck-scarf which we will supply free of charge.  You can buy a woggle or make your own.

Where to buy your uniform

Geoff Turner Outdoor People, Unit 11, Charles Industrial Estate, Ipswich Tel 01449 675511

Craftability, St Lawrence Street, Ipswich 01473 257550

PMG Schoolwear, 40 Westgate Street, Ipswich 01473 212050

Online only:   www.onestopscouting.co.uk  Tel 01245 214090

Online only: http://shop.scouts.org.uk/

To help us keep this website up to date, if you try any of these and find that they do not stock, please let us know.